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Take on the role of a tough beetle with a bad attitude and something to prove as you battle for supremacy in the ring and your place in the pantheon of legendary wrestlers.

Kabuto Sumo is not a dexterity game, but rather a physical interactive puzzle game where your goal is to push your opponents out of the ring. Pushing discs may seem straightforward, but you’ve got to make sure you choose the right wrestler for the match, craft a strategy, and quickly adapt to changes. Each wrestler is based on a real life insect and their physiological defense mechanisms. They all have special signature moves which introduce wild variables and uniquely shaped pieces that can dramatically influence the gameplay - so make sure you use them wisely!

It’s quite simply the greatest disc-pushing insect sumo wrestling game ever made.

2-4 Players6+ player age15-20 minute time to play

Designed by Tony MillerIllustrated by Kwanchai Moriya

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KABUTO SUMO Step Into The Ring

Choosing which wrestler to play as is one of the best and most important parts of the game.

Each insect has a signature move with special advantages that connect to their real-life physiological features. These signature moves come uniquely shaped playing pieces that can dramatically affect the physics of the game.

And they play a role in shaping the strategy. It’s up to you choose what your types of pieces you want to knock off the board and how and when you deploy your signature move. Will you play your move earlier in the game to set the tone or wait and use it as a finishing move?

Insect All-Star Expansion

Double your wrestler options by adding on the Insect All-Star Expansion with 8 new wrestlers. And they’ll all fit in the same box!

To add playing variety and expand the world of Kabuto Sumo, this expansion pack introduces a wide variety of insects on top of the base game’s all-beetle lineup.

And, just like the base game, each wrestler has its special advantages and signature moves.

For example, The Composter is a giant centipede with, not one, but five, signature move pieces. When used strategically, a player can collect and trade in their small discs to use all of their signature move pieces and make a giant push for the win!


You’re going to enjoy the components as much as the great gameplay.

Real wood game pieces for every base game and expansion pack provide a satisfying bounce after falling off and hitting the table.

Large tarot cards (nearly 2x standard size) for the wrestlers show off the incredible artwork.

Everything has been thoughtfully designed and crafted.

Played with the pre-Kickstarter prototype Becca & DavidGood Time Society
I freaking love this game. David & RyanMan Vs. Meeple
People just want to play this game over and over again. MORE SUMO! TomShut Up & Sit Down
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Tony Miller

Tony’s inspiration for Kabuto Sumo is based on his son's love of coin-dozer arcade machines and his love of wrestling. In addition to designing games, he hosts the Breaking into Board Games podcast.

ARTIST Kwanchai Moriya

A friend of Tony's, Kwanchai played an early prototype and felt immediately transported back to his childhood when his grandparents in rural Japan gave him a wrestling beetle.
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