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You don't need a gaming table. Just like you don't need painted minis, gorgeous artwork, rich themes, elegant mechanics, and player interaction that makes you agonize over every decision.

But it would be so much fun if you had one.

If you spend a lot of time playing games on your table, maybe it's time to have a table that was built for playing games.

Ever drop something on the floor while you’re gaming? If you say "no", I know you’re lying. The recessed playing area puts a wall around your gaming arena that stops bits from falling on the floor.
The padded surface of the table makes it easy to pick up cards and bits. Speed cloth or velveteen fabric are both super durable and cards glide across them.
It’s also a dining table. A topper covers the board gaming surface and makes it a "normal" table. Your non-gamer friends and family won’t even notice that it is anything other than a nice dining room or kitchen table.
Ever ruined a game by spilling a drink? No reason to ban drinks from your table. Give them their own home, secured in a holder, away from the game.
The cover topper fits like a box lid over the whole table. If you don’t want to have to worry about lifting the whole cover topper off in one piece, then we can make a two, three, or four piece cover topper for you.
The inset topper sits on a lip on the inside of the armrest. When in place, it creates a flush surface with the top of the arm rest. A little button on the underside of the table lets you pop the topper out when you are ready to enter game mode.
We make 'em like they used to. This isn’t throw away furniture. We expect you to be playing on this table for a long, long time.
Is it worth it? "Spend your money where you spend your time." If you don’t really game that much, then this this table may be a waste of money. But if you are regularly gaming with your family or hosting game nights, then you will get so much use out of the table, that from a "dollars per value" perspective, it is a good deal.
The playing area of the tables range from 3 feet wide to 4 feet wide and from 3 feet long to 8 feet long. The arm rest is 3 inches wide. So, the total table size ranges 3.5 feet to 4.5 feet wide and from 3.5 feet long to 8.5 feet long.
For board and card games, a 3’ wide play area is plenty wide enough for most games, but you can go up 3.25’ or 3.5’ if you want some more space. 4’ is doable, but uncomfortably wide for most board gaming. Tables with a 4' x 6' or 4' x 8' playing area are perfect for minis. For Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing Games, wide tables make sense. The extra width lets you put wing shelves on all sides to give players a writing or laptop surface and still have plenty of room in the middle of the table for a map. Remove the side wing shelves to play card or board games.
People love their tables. Read what they have to say.
Is it time that you buy a nicer piece of furniture? Something that is built to last?
You can choose to have your table made from Red Oak, Knotty Alder, Cherry, African Mahogany, Quarter Sawn White Oak, or a variety of specialty options. Read more about those choices.
In addition to multiple wood options, each wood can be stained with a variety of colors. From natural, which (you guessed it) preserves the wood's natural color, to very dark stains that make the wood black.
The game needs pencils. Do you have any? Yep. Right here in my handy drawer. Paper to keep score? Extra dice? Metal coins?
We sell tables made from trees. It is important to us that there continue to be trees in the future. All wood is purchased from sustainable sources and our wood shop is partially powered by solar cells on the roof.
All tables are made from cabinet grade hardwood. This isn’t the stuff you see at Home Depot. Solid wood legs, apron, pedestals, and arm rest. The toppers use a veneer because it allows for a beautiful bookended grain pattern and is more dimensionally stable and less likely to warp. Great care has gone into choosing our wood supplier, choosing what wood to use, and evaluating each piece we receive.
Colors and grain can be hard to choose when looking at a computer monitor. When you purchase a table, we automatically send you samples of the wood/stain and fabric color you ordered. That way you can see how they look in your home, with your other furniture, and under your lighting.
Time flies. We’ve been selling board gaming tables for three years now. Since these tables are made in small batches, we are constantly iterating and making small changes. We keep learning and keep making things better. When you buy a table, you benefit from all that knowledge.
Our head woodworkers (Russ and Kyle) have been in charge of making the tables for the entire three year run. But they have had decades of woodworking experience before that.
We have tons of fabric color options. Pick one that matches your home. Plus, when you order, we’ll send you samples of as many colors as you want in case you want to change your mind.
Speed cloth is a canvas-like material that cards slide across. It is super durable. In fact, water beads on its surface. Velveteen is a softer option that is also durable and great for cards. It's really a personal preference. Remember, we can send samples.
Too lazy to hold your own cards? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Get a card holder slot built into the armrest. Or get stand alone card holders that you can move any where you want.
Wing shelves - Sometimes you need a little surface to write on. Or set your snacks on. That’s what Wing Shelves are for.
With the inset play area, board game tables have more going on than normal tables. Will you constantly be banging your knees on the bottom of the table? I’m tall. I understand this worry. We’ve painstakingly engineered the tables to be no thicker than a normal table so that you still have plenty of leg room.
All tables are available at 30” (normal height), 36” (counter height), 42” (bar height), and 18” (coffee table height). Or whatever custom height you want.
Add a little atmosphere to your games. Set the mood by changing the color of your LEDs. (Of course LEDs are completely optional. Many people prefer to keep things strictly analog.)
Want to get people to put their phones away? Give them a charger inside the drawer. You’ll be powered up if you play a game with an app, but otherwise the phone will be out of sight and out of mind.
Hold paper war game or train game maps in place. Provide a dry erase surface for your D&D campaign. When you need plexi, you need plexi. Get the perfect size plexiglass for your table.
You can get a table with four legs, or one of two different pedestal styles.
BoardGameTables.com was started by Chad DeShon. That’s me. I was a gamer for a decade before starting BoardGameTables.com. I love Age of Steam, Die Macher, Napoleon's Triumph and other heavy and economic games. If you email help@boardgametables.com, you will probably be emailing with Katy. She was also gamer first, and table specialist later. Her favorite game is Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Russ and Kyle run the wood shop. They’ve been woodworkers since the dawn of time. They play poker and Tripoli.
Your table will be built completely custom just for you. This takes a little time. Most tables ship about 75 days after they are ordered. If you don’t see exactly what you're looking for, send us an email (help@boardgametables.com). There is a good chance we can make it for you, even if it isn’t listed on this website.
Your table will be delivered in a partial crate and on a pallet. We’ll let you know when we ship your table and give you a tracking number. When your table gets to the nearest distribution center, the shipping company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. They will take your table off the truck and onto a flat surface. But they won’t take it inside for you. Make sure you have a friend or two handy to help you bring it in.
Tables are shipped without the legs on and without the drawers and cup holders in place. This is done to make sure they don’t get damaged during shipment. It is very easy to slide everything into place and just tighten up a couple bolts.

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