I’m Chad DeShon, and I founded BoardGameTables.com.

My story is like many of yours. I played a ton of Monopoly as a kid. In college, I discovered Settlers of Catan, then Carcassonne, then Puerto Rico, then hundreds more.

Over time, my friends and I have done several things to take our game playing to the next level: attended conventions, dedicated rooms to gaming, built shelves, made neoprene table covers. The table has always been the holy grail.

We talked and talked and talked about what made a great gaming table. Eventually, I decided I needed to do more than just talk.

I met with a local craftsman in southern Missouri. I shared my ideas with him and told him all the things I have seen people post on Board Game Geek. We brainstormed and then he started building some prototypes.

The tables were designed around three principles.

  1. We would not sacrifice on quality. No cheap materials. No substandard appearance. Built to last.
  2. Affordability is important. While we aren't going to skip on quality, we also aren't going to waste your money. We all live in the real world. I guess I wouldn't mind an ivory staircase in my home. But in the real world, my wood and carpet staircase is serving me well and still looks great. The same principle applies to your gaming table.
  3. Built for board gaming. You can buy a dining room table anywhere, but we sell our tables for board gaming. That means we made decisions about size and functionality with board gaming specifically in mind. Read more about your table's board game specific features. Of course, we also made them convertable into dining tables.

We've had several game nights on those prototype tables, critiquing the tables as we critiqued each others moves. The first couple of tables were great looking, quality tables. But they weren't quite good enough yet. After sitting at the table through several games, we would make subtle changes.

After tweaking and tweaking, we finally have something that I am proud to invite friends to play board games on, proud to have in my dining room, and proud to sell.

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