Sample Sale

We don't ever have sales or discounts. You can order your table whenever YOU are ready. No need to to wait to get the best deal.

There is ONE exception.

Once every year or so we sell some tables that:

  1. We have been using as demo tables at conventions
  2. We built as prototypes when developing new features

THIS is that sale.

All tables below are in good, but used, condition. Most have been taken to a few conventions where people have played games on them. You will find some scratches and dings. Of course, they are still 100% structurally sound and functional.

We only have one of each table. Once someone buys it, it will disappear from this list.

Christmas Delivery

You must order by December 10 to get your table before Christmas.

Order Process

Just use the buy button below if you want to purchase one of these tables. We will follow up with you via email to find out if you want to add any of the optional items and charge you for those separately.

These tables can only be shipped to the contiguous United States.

If you have any questions at all, please email

Rough Sawn Prototype

Want a rustic look? A barn board look is created by using wood that isn't planed during this milling process. It is rough cut down to size and then left with big saw blade marks.

Optional Add-ons

True Black Prototype

Black "special" stain has been the most popular stain option to date. But some of you want a real black. This is your table for a modern look. True black. No wood grain visible.

Optional Add-ons

Golden Mahogany

This demo table was built to show off our newest wood species option: African Mahogany. This golden stain makes it glow.

Optional Add-ons

Most Popular Color Combo


Knotty Alder with Special Stain and Blue Fabric. This is the most popular wood and color choice. The wood is rustic looking, but the very dark stain makes it look modern. The blue fabric is a bright contrast to the dark wood.

Optional Add-ons

Little Guy

Perfect for tight spaces. Super comfortable for four, but it can seat six. It features our new repositionable cup holders that can slide to any spot on the table instead of pulling in and out.

Optional Add-ons

Farm House Table


The first prototype of our new farm house style. Comes with a two tone topper with plank effect lines.

Optional Add-ons

Dark Mahogany


Optional Add-ons

Giant Dark Cherry

This is a table that a customer ordered and we had to replace because it was damaged during shipment. The damage was to a small piece of the arm rest, we have patched it and you can only tell where it is if we point it out to you. It also has a 3" long scratch on the top of the opposite arm rest while packing it up from a convention. The scratch has been refinished. It blends in very well, but you can easily tell where it was. We can send you close up pictures of these areas if you are interested.

Optional Add-ons