Tom D.

The dimensions are perfect and the table is gorgeous.

Peter S.

Uh. -stunned- Wow. That is an extremely fast make, guys.

Yes it came and is in good shape. We just finished a run through of a game prototype we've been developing for over a year now: The Glorious Fall. So that is the game you see on the table.

And yes, the subtle red tone to the finish and the red cloth is a nice combination! Easy to see games, and sort of rich looking. And everyone in the family is happy we got coffee table height. We, oddly, like cushions.

Eric S.

We are absolutely in love with the table and can't be more thankful!

The table is heavy, solid, finely-crafted and gorgeous. When we slide it across the linoleum it reverberates slightly with a deep, echoey bass that might imply a T-rex is around the corner. Every part feels sturdy, like it could easily withstand a couple lifetimes

The grain overall is beautiful, the stain is a lovely medium brown and the entire table is smooth in every way possible. It feels great to touch and lean on.

The inset playing area is wonderful for so many reasons. It helps keep dice from rolling off the sides. It provides a sort of "arena" experience as other players lean on the rails and look downward, letting them see and reach more of the board.

The padding underneath the speedcloth is enough to add a subtle give when picking things up off of it, but is thin enough that table is very uniformly flat. This feature is almost the best thing about the table. It lets you pick up cards and chits with ease.

It sits in dining-mode looking pretty and unassuming, never betraying its secret just beneath. And in gaming-mode it is comfortable and inviting, easily facilitating maximum enjoyment of our beloved hobby. This is a table we'd call heirloom quality, and it may just outlive us... We anticipate it holding up to use and abuse over many years of gaming to come!

Girard Q.

What can I say? We love it! The table is of high quality and looks great.

It has a smooth finish and rounded edges which our arms appreciate. The Carrington stain gives the table a reddish brown color and helps accentuate the grain and knots of the beautiful knotty alder wood. The knots, while subtle, really gives the table some character.

Speaking of the cup holders, they’re great! They’re sturdy and functional, and you never feel cramped sitting in-between them.

It is nice rolling dice without fear of them leaving the play area. It’s also fun to bounce the dice off the inner walls while rolling; makes you feel like a gambler.

We recommend Board Game Tables and their hexagon table! Wait, that's it?! Yes! If you're looking at purchasing a great gaming table for a fairly reasonable price, Board Game Tables is the way to go!

Brandan H.

I love the look and feel of the table, and I'm pumped.

Dennis M.

It's a thing of beauty. I'm so pleased with every aspect of it. Thank you very much for the excellent communication and customer service.

I intend to sing your praises to whoever will listen.

Your product is exactly as advertised if not better. I'll say "better" because there's no way to tell how gorgeous the construction is without seeing it up close and getting your hands on it.

Dennis liked his table so much, that a couple months later he decided to order a second one.

Jason O.

Got my table from @BGTables today. Wow! Beat expectations!

Super happy with it!

Really impressed with the tables from @BGTables! Totally in love with mine. They are doing amazing work over there. Worth every penny.

Ryan Metzler

Lots of good things to say about this table.

An excellent, excellent solution.

Shane B.

The table is the perfect size, as I have enough room to play Eldrich Horror, which is the game I own that takes the most play area.

Assembly was a breeze. offers high quality tables at a reasonable price. The customer service is top-notch, and you get what you order pretty quickly, especially for a custom made table.

I would recommend these tables for anyone who spends a lot of time playing games at home.

James G.

The table is GORGEOUS!! So says my wife, who is picky about furniture (and generally pays far more than this for it).

We are completely satisfied. The cherry fits beautifully.

Nathan F.

Big day! Out with the old and in with the new! @BGTables #awesome

Meg H.

We are enjoying our game table. Also, the packaging for shipping was top notch. We love our table!

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