QE and Loot of Lima Bundle

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QE and Loot of Lima Bundle

Loot of Lima is a multiplayer deduction puzzle, where you ask questions and piece together information to find buried treasure before your opponents. Loot of Lima is similar to Clue, except Loot of Lima uses a clever coordinate system to give you the sense of searching different spots on Cocos Island. Plus, this is much harder. Not harder to learn, but harder to solve the puzzle of where the treasure is buried.

QE takes place during the 2008 recession. Each player acts as a central bank enacting "Quantitative Easing" (QE) measures to stimulate the economy. You'll be spending money to bail out companies and since you represent a nation, there is no limit to what you can spend. You get a marker and a blank check. Write any number you want! Whoever has the best and most companies wins… but, if you spent the most, you’re out!

If you want an exciting night of head-scratching strategy games, this is the pack for you!

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