Insider's Club

$200 credit toward one custom board game table with premium wood or longer than 6.5' or $100 credit toward one other custom board game table.

Limit one Insider's Club Card only.

You don't need a gaming table. Just like you don't need painted painted minis, gorgeous artwork, rich themes, elegant mechanics, and payer interaction that makes you agonize over every decision.

But it would be so much fun if you had one.

If you spend a lot of time playing games on your table, maybe it's time to have a table that was built for playing games.

CUSTOM TABLES Features Dining Topper

A topper covers the board gaming surface and makes it a "normal" table. Your non-gamer frienda and family won't even notice that is anything other than a nice dining room or kitchen table. Multi-piece cover topper available.

Cup Holders

Cup holders that attach to a rail on the bottom side of the arm rest. They can slide anywhere along that side of the table.


Drawers offer storage of bags, bits, paper, and pancils while playing. Drawer is 12.5 in. wide, 6.75 in. long, and 1.5 in. deep. Optional in-drawer phone chargers are available.

LED Lights

Add some ambience to your games and shine a little light on your player board. Includes a remote control to change the color (white, yellow, red, use your imagination) and brightness.

Wing Shelf

Sits outside the playing area to provide a flat surface for snacks, a laptop, or pencil and paper during a game. It is great to predominantly display some bits separate from the rest.

Clip-on Shelf

Make your table a little bit wider to accommodate and extra large game, or a mid-game meal.

Built-in Card Holders

Built-in Card Holders are grooves cut into the arm rest to hold your cards for you.

Stand Alone Card Holders

11 inch long wooden card holders, matching the wood and stain of your table, that you can set wherever you want.