Board Game Bag & Accessories
Oxford Gray Bag
Sky Blue Bag
Ruby Red Bag
Fern Green Bag
Lightweight Board Game Bag
Smaller, great for light game nights. Fits 4 Ticket to Ride size games.
"Game Shut" 4-inch Cross Rubber Bands
5 pack. Keep your boxes closed. For small box board games and playing card games.
"Game Shut" 8-inch Cross Rubber Bands
5 pack. Keep your boxes closed. For medium box board games, up to On Tour and QE sized boxes.
"Game Shut" 12-inch Cross Rubber Bands
5 pack. Keep your boxes closed. For larger box board games, up to Ticket to Ride sized boxes.
Digital Scratchpad
Ditch the paper! Use a Digital Scratchpad for notes and score keeping.
2021 Board Game Calendar
Wall or desk calendar, planner, challenges, 53 stunning game photos.

Australia - Lightweight Bags and 2021 Calendars are Out of Stock.

Canada - Gray Board Game Bags are Out of Stock. Estimated shipping is March 2022.

Say hello to the board game bag you’ve always wanted.

We all know plastic crates are awkward to carry, have a poor storage-to-weight rating, and barely keep your games safe. And let’s not get started on grocery bags or bungee cords.

That’s where our thoroughly-tested board game bag comes in.

These bags are made specifically with board games in mind. They’re 12 inches wide, lovingly hold the equivalent of 7 large "Ticket to Ride" sized game boxes, and are padded to protect them.  But that’s not all, every bag is weather-resistant, offers up to 4 carrying methods, a front pocket for small items like our digital scratchpad, and can fold away for when you’re not using it. And yes, they even can be used as a "normal" travel bag.

Shipping: $4 USA$9 Canada & EU$14 Non-EU Europe$29 Everywhere Else
Only pay shipping on your first bag. Additional bags ship free!


Designed with the feedback of thousands of gamers. Built for style and strength. Upgraded soft-touch fabric. Available in multiple limited-edition colors. Fits seven big games. Includes a shoulder strap. Strengthened with tougher stitching and all metal parts.

The capacity for 7 large game boxes, the water resistant shell, multiple ways to carry, all make for an excellent Standard Bag. But words of encouragement and great feedback continuously encouraged us to add high-value features and create the Premium Bag. And we’re glad we did. We’re using our bags more. Even better, gamers are using their bags more too.

This bag will carry your games to the finish line. Every. Single. Time.

Backpack Straps

Carry your games on your back. With the new design, the sides are sturdier and even more comfortable. Games are heavy! Our ergonomic and reinforced straps will do the trick to make it a comfortable stroll to game night.

Horizontal Handle

Hide the backpack straps and turn your board game bag sideways. Maybe you have a lighter load or longer boxed games. It is simple to carry by your side and has a strong padded handle for comfort.

Shoulder Strap

The premium bags shoulder strap designed to carry a larger, heavier load. Whether you are stacking standard size games or larger, longer, heavier games, this board game bag has you covered for a smooth, comfy carry to game night.

Luggage Slip

Going on a trip and want to bring games for game night or to the next Con? Say no more! Conveniently stack this bag on top of your luggage. The luggage slip will keep your board game bag secure. We've even added a name tag place holder on the bag. You're welcome!

COMPARISON What can fit?

Everyone should strongly consider having one or two at home, if we can be so bold. It's going to come in handy. When you're halfway out the door and decide at the last second to grab some games, you'll be glad you have this bag. When you’re going to a friend's house for a quick dinner and want only a couple games, this is the bag for you.

Why this bag, you ask?

It’s perfectly sized to fit common board game boxes, the zipper lid is going to keep your games from spilling out in the car, and it’s water-resistant for when it rains or your dog drools over it with excitement at the thought of playing Bites. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s supremely affordable.

SPECS One Bag to Fit Them All

30-65 lbs Weight LimitTwo CompartmentsErgonomic StrapsWaterproof Fabrics


"Zipped front pouch, double zipper front, holds seven to eight games on the inside. Nice straps, reinforced corners, easily adjustable. Reinforced handle on the top. Nice rubber pads on the bottom for feet. Excellent bag, definitely give it about a 9 out of 10."


Have you ever had that moment when you were grabbing your game off the shelf or out of your board game bag...or whatever you carry your games in...and then all of a sudden things immediately went into "slow-motion"? Not because you can curve a bullet around an object or anything. But because you just lost your grip on your game box which seems like it has 4,000 pieces in it. The next thing you know you are like a pro football player trying to recover a fumbled football and...CRASH! Your 4,000 piece board game looks like the solar system across your floor, or even worse, across the pavement.

Well great news! Now you don't have to worry. With our "Game Shut" Cross Rubber Bands, that will never happen to you again. The larger, larger 8" Game Shut Cross Rubber Bands fits excellent for the most common medium to large size boxes like Ticket to Ride., while the smaller 4" bands are great for your small to medium size boxes.

Here's more great news. You can get them in packs of 5 Game Shut Cross Bands each! Do your future self a favor and save you from the anxiety of picking up 4,000 game bits in a parking lot again. Because after you just read this, the chances of that happening has just gone up!

WRITE, WIPE, REPEAT The Digital Scratch Pad

This Digital Scratch Pad just makes sense! Use it in gameplay for taking notes, a scorecard, etc. Stop searching around for paper and use this piece of cool technology.

You can lock the screen so you can't accidentally erase your notes and unlock the screen and send it to the trash bin when you're finished!

It's a "MUST HAVE" said hundreds of people at the last conventions.

CAL-PLAN-CHALLENGE-DAR The Board Game Calendar

Use it as a planner, desk calendar, or hang it on the wall. 53 stunning photos. The calendar has weekly prompts:

This week, play a game without talking

This week, play a game you've owned the longest

This week, play a game that has no luck

This week, play a game outside

This week, play a dexterity game

This week, play a game with someone new

No one is going to make you do them, but wouldn't it be fun?

8.5" X 5.5"
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