1. Blue Bag, Double Bites, + More
2. Gray Bag, Double Bites, + More
3. Blue Bag, Bites, + More
4. Gray Bag, Bites, + More
5. Blue Bag, + More
6. Gray Bag, + More

Bundle Includes:

  • Board Game Bag (extra strength blue, or oxford gray)
  • Digital Scratch Pad
  • 20 X-shaped rubber bands
  • (Optional) Bites Board Game

The complete solution:

  • A bag to carry your games.
  • Special criss-cross rubber bands designed to keep your game boxes shut
  • An erasable pad so you never have to ask "Does anyone have a pen?"
  • Optional - The very replayable, very interactive, Bites Board Game.

Use a board game bag that is designed and sized to perfectly hold your games, and padded to keep them protected.

US, CAN, and European customer, only pay shipping on your first bundle. Additional bundles ship free!

THE BUNDLE What's in it?

Board Game Bag10 4" "Game-Shut" Rubber Bands10 8" "Game-Shut" Rubber BandsDigital Scratch Pad(Optional) Bites Board Game

4" "Game-Shut" Rubber Bands 8" "Game-Shut" Rubber Bands Digital Scratch Pad Bites Board Game
The right size Made for board games

Padded to protect your games.

12 inches wide to fit the "standard" board game box sizes perfectly. Fits seven big games. The new design even allows you to carry it like a duffel bag so you can fit those larger games you want to lay down flat.

Or do what most people do and pack 5 big ones and then cram 8 more little games into the top. Maybe stick a couple card games in the front pocket. Surely you'll have time to play 15 games tonight!

This bag gets the job done.

Backpack Straps

Carry your games on your back. With the new design, the sides are sturdier and even more comfortable. Games are heavy! Our ergonomic and reinforced straps will do the trick to make it a comfortable stroll to game night.

Horizontal Handle

Hide the backpack straps and turn your board game bag sideways. Maybe you have a lighter load or longer boxed games. It is simple to carry by your side and has a strong padded handle for comfort.

Shoulder Strap

A shoulder strap designed to carry a larger, heavier load. Whether you are stacking standard size games or larger, longer, heavier games, this board game bag has you covered for a smooth, comfy carry to game night.

Luggage Slip

Going on a trip and want to bring games for game night or to the next Con? Say no more! Conveniently stack this bag on top of your luggage. The luggage slip will keep your board game bag secure. We've even added a name tag place holder on the bag. You're welcome!

BITES Game overview

During setup, a trail of food is laid out. On each player’s turn, they can move any ant to the next food in the trail that matches their color (red ant to apple, purple ant to grapes, etc). Then the player takes the food token directly in front of or behind the ant, saving it to score at the end of the game.

However, players don’t know for sure how much the food is going to be worth until the matching ant makes it to the ant hill at the end of the trail. This creates shared incentives as players work together to advance some ants and hold others back.

SPECS One Bag to Fit Them All

Handle Limit 65lbBackpack Straps Limit 40lbShoulder Strap Limit 30lbFront PocketErgonomic StrapsWaterproof Resistant Fabrics


"Zipped front pouch, double zipper front, holds seven to eight games on the inside. Nice straps, reinforced corners, easily adjustable. Reinforced handle on the top. Nice rubber pads on the bottom for feet. Excellent bag, definitely give it about a 9 out of 10."
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