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Basketboss is an auction game where each season you’ll be responsible for managing all the complexities of a professional basketball team. You’ll have to make sure you can hire the right team advisors, win auctions to offer contracts to talented new players, and avoid crippling injuries!

Will your lineup be stacked with Hall of Famers and your shelves full of gleaming trophies?

2-5 Players40 min time to play

Designed by CwaliIllustrated by Hylton Warburton

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The evolution of the team-building auctions in Basketboss always gives you something to look forward to.

Broadly speaking, there are gamers who are more conservative and will bide their time and funds closely as they patiently await the right moment, and those that are more aggressive and like to go after the biggest opportunities as fast as possible. With Basketboss, either style of play is a viable option, which makes for incredibly interesting dynamics during the auction.

That said, keep your eye on the money! If you end up with players that don't bring in enough money, you may be forced into a position where you're either locked into your lineup or can only afford a player that compromises your strategy.

THE UPGRADE Shining Metal Trophies

Want to make your championship victories all the more special? We're offering an upgrade worthy of a major Basketboss legend with 24 gleaming metal trophies for first, second, and third that will stand out on every shelf!

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TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Corne van Moorsel ARTIST Hylton Warburton
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