Age of Steam Maps: Southern China and Brummie Rails

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Age of Steam Maps: Southern China and Brummie Rails
Age of Steam Maps: Southern China and Brummie Rails

24"x18" high quality print. Shipped rolled in a tube.

Southern China - A robust rail network in Southern China is in the people’s interest. While the long-term opportunity for private ownership of rail networks in communist China is limited, there is still plenty of money to be made from outside interests happy to receive any goods China offers. You will find that the national government is happy to provide you with the support needed to build your networks and to power your locomotives for longer deliveries—as it slowly incorporates your early work into a National Railway that will become the pride of the country and will be used to power China's own economic self-interest.

The limitation of only four track ownership discs per player and gaining support from the government is unique to this map.

Brummie Rails Birmingham was a center of creativity during the Industrial Revolution. Small, specialized workshops and highly skilled trades resulted in several innovations. Birmingham produced more patents during this period than any other region in England, including the development of the Watt Steam Engine. This expansion map focuses on the unique qualities of the locals known as Brummies to develop and give birth to the Age of Steam.

The main twist of this map is there are no special actions at the start of the game; these have to be revealed using the Develop special action.

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