Which Table Should You Buy?

It depends on two things:

  1. The size of your room
  2. What games you play

Your room

The most important thing you need to avoid is buying a table that is too big. Take measurements or mark your floor to show the table's size. Then make sure you have enough room for chairs and moving around the table.

In general, three feet of room around the table is best. Two feet is ok.


The most important thing is to know what games you will actually play on the table. If you play 8-player Twilight Imperium on a regular basis, then it is important to get a table large enough to hold that massive game. If playing an 8-player Twilight Imperium is more of a dream than a regular occurrence, then it is best not to give that game too much weight when deciding what size to get.

It is better to be cramped once every six months than to be stretching and standing to reach pieces when playing small games.


The Traditional

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Seats 6       3' x 5' play surface.

Our most popular table. The best choice for most people.

Great for Euros. Most games can be comfortably played on this table.

Provides a excellent balance between space to play the game and being able to reach across the table.

When playing with four, most people prefer to sit with two players on each of the long sides.

The Adventurer

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Seats 8       3' x 6' play surface.

Like the normal rectangle, but one foot longer. If you have the space and want to be able to spread out or if you want to be able to play epic games, then this larger table might be the choice for you.

The Titan

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Seats 10.     4' x 6' play surface.

This is a big table. It is too big for most dining rooms.

This table was designed specifically for people who play miniatures games. Warhammer 40K, etc.

It's also great for epic RPG games with 6-8 people.

We think it is too wide to comfortably play card and board games. However, if you are looking for a table that will hold your epic game, this one is surely up for the challenge.

The Hexus

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Seats 6       3' 9" x 4' 4" play surface.

The hexagon shape gives all players equal access and reach.

Since each player has their own side, it is perfect for card games and tablou builders. It's much easier to hide your hand from other players than it is on the rectangle.

The shape can make it hard to arrange everything if a game has a large central board.

The Square Root

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Seats 4       3' x 3' play surface.

Perfect for four.

Great for card games or small/medium Euros.

Ideal for smaller spaces where a rectangle won't fit, like breakfast nooks.

Available in standard height or bar height.

The Mini

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Seats 4       2' x 3' 6" play surface.

A coffee table.

Want to play games in your living room? Then this is the table you should get.

The play surface is smaller than the other options. No doubt. However, with a little organization most small/medium games can be played on it.