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Bites Board Game

Bites Board Game

New version of the Spiel des Jahres Recommended Big Points with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule tweak cards to make sure every play is different.

Highly interactive with no direct conflict. Players move ants along a trail and collect food as they go. However, the value of that food depends on how the other ants move. Shared incentives mean you are always trying to figure out what the other players are up to. Variable "rules cards" tweak the rules to every game so that each play is fresh.

"Double Bites" include twice as many food tokens to all you to play a longer version of the game.

Bites $34.00
Double Bites $48.00
Extra Tokens Expansion $17.00

On Tour | Roll-and-Write Route Building Board Game

On Tour USA and Europe

Pre-Order. Estimated August 2020 Shipping.

On Tour USA and Europe is our newest version of our very popular On Tour game. It is a 20 minute route-building, roll-and-write board game with large, premium components. One to eight players share dice rolls and cards to try to visit as many states (for USA) or countries (for Europe) as possible as they schedule a 100-day tour across the United States or Europe for their band. You will decide which map you will use before you start the game.

In On Tour USA and Europe, players compete to take their band to as many states/countries as possible. You'll be writing a number in each state/country to book it for that date on your 100-day tour.

Each turn, dice determine which numbers you write and cards restrict where you can write. Players write simultaneously on their own maps, all using the same dice rolls and cards flips.

Everyone is getting the same inputs, but how you choose to deal with them will determine your success.

Make On Tour USA and Europe a party game by purchasing two games and you can play up to 16 players! There's really no limit to how many players can play this game...provided you have the maps!

On Tour USA and Europe $34.00

Loot of Lima

Loot of Lima

Pre-Order. Estimated August 2020 Shipping.

Loot of Lima is a multiplayer deduction puzzle, where you ask questions and piece together information to find buried treasure before your opponents.

Deduction games are games like Clue. In Clue, you try to figure out the who/where/how of a murder. To do so, you eliminate all whos/wheres/hows that are not possible answers.

Loot of Lima is similar, except:

1. Loot of Lima uses a clever coordinate system to give you the sense of searching different spots on Cocos Island.

2. Loot of Lima is much harder. Not harder to learn, but harder to solve the head scratching puzzle of where the treasure is buried.

Loot of Lima $34.00

GPS, Sequoia, and Mountain Goats

GPS, Sequoia, and Mountain Goats

Pre-Order. Estimated January 2021 Shipping.

Three Small, 10-Minute Board Games

I love the end of the night. When someone is about to go home, and I say "How about a game of X before you leave?" They smile and sit down. They can't resist because they know:

  • The game is fast (like 10 minutes to play)
  • It's quick to teach (like get started in 30 seconds)
  • There will be tension and exciting moments
  • It ends the night on a satisfying note of getting in one more quality game

This game series exists because I want there to be more games like that. We've focused on easy to teach before, but these are SUPER easy to teach.

But there is enough strategy that after the game your mind will wander back to a couple of key turns, and you'll wonder if you should have played just a little bit differently.

And they have those turns...

GPS $15.00
Mountain Goats $15.00
Sequoia $15.00
3-Game Set $39.00

On Tour European Expansion

On Tour European Expansion

If you bought On Tour USA and Europe, you don't need this. The contents of this expansion are already included in that game.

You must already own the first edition of On Tour, The expansion only includes the boards and Europe cards (no dice, markers, USA cards, or box). The new maps will fit in the first edition box that you already have.

An exciting new twist to our hit game On Tour, that came out in 2019, is the European expansion! The European expansion comes with eight double sided player boards; Europe on one side and USA on the other side, a set of 40 Region + Country cards, and eight dry erase markers.

A new wrinkle on the same game.

The European map has the same rules as the USA map, but the differences in geography create a different feel and strategy.

There are fewer connections on the European map (70 lines for 40 countries vs 89 lines for 41 states). However, it is easier to get from one side of the map to the other on the Europe side. The max distance between any two countries is 6, vs a max distance of 10 on the USA map. So on Europe, it is easier to zigzag around the whole board, but harder to wiggle around in close quarters.

On Tour European Expansion $24.00