Top 10 Board Games - Over the Years

Chad DeShon

Pandemic Legacy created quite a buzz by becoming the number 1 rated game on BoardGameGeek.The Top 10 on BoardGameGeek is a conglomeration of the opinions of gamers worldwide. That means it is almost certainly different from your personal top 10. That is fine, good even.Even if it doesn't match your (or my) personal taste exactly, the list is interesting for at least two reasons.1) The Top 10 provides a common vernacular. Most gamers have heard of most of the games in the Top 10. If you tell me what you do and don't like about the games in the Top...

Don't buy a table that's too big

Chad DeShon

Ordering a custom gaming table, buying a new dining table, or even building your own table. There are lots of choices ahead of you. But the first and most important is:SIZEWhen you decide what size table you need, there are two primary concerns: The size of your room The games you play   The Room How much space do you need between your table and the wall?3 feet is best. 2 feet can be okay in small spaces. It really is that simple.Most of us wish we lived in a bigger house than we actually do. Get a table based...
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