Virtual Table Builder -and- A Free Table Givaway

Chad DeShon

  New Features You asked for more options. Now custom tables are even more customizable, in addition to features that have been around for awhile like: Hexagon or Rectangle Multiple sizes 5 different wood options 5 different stain options Slide-out cup holders Drawers Wing shelves Plexiglass I mean, that was great, but people kept emailing. Can you build a size that isn't listed on the website? Any way for you to make an extender-shelf? What about a white table? Can I get a double pedestal instead of legs? Is there a way to have repositionable cup holders?So, we're making custom...

Ask Me Anything is Live

Chad DeShon

Our Ask Me Anything is live on RedditHead on over.Get your questions in now to make sure I have time to answer yours. Or grab your lunch, and keep refreshing the page to see what other people are asking.

Do you really need a game table?

Chad DeShon

Do you really need a game table? I think we all know the answer to that question. No. You don't NEED a game table. You've probably successfully finished hundreds (if not thousands) of games on a normal table.But a game table will make your life easier: Roll dice without fear that they will roll off the table Keep your friend's elbows out of the way so that you can see everything Put drinks in cup holders so that spills don't ruin your games Stop looking on the floor for dropped bits Store a game under the topper to finish it later...

The Whole Story

Chad DeShon

The Whole Story I've been sending you emails about The Duchess, a new board gaming table on Kickstarter right now. It occurs to me that some of you might not fully know what I am talking about. You might not know the history of, why board gaming tables are great, and what is so special about our custom tables and The Duchess.  I Wanted a Table for Myself In late 2014, my friends and I were lamenting about how we wanted a board game table, but the only ones available were very expensive and had a 15 month wait....

504 vs Pandemic Legacy

Chad DeShon

We love talking about tables, but every once in a while we also like to talk about the games that are played on tables.We talk about games being heavy vs. light or short vs. long. Today, there is one more axis I want to explore. A variable that is causing a lot of hype and controversy. Replayability vs Scenario.In one corner we have games like Catan, 504, Kingdom Builder, and Dominion. These games change their base setup every time you play them. For this reason, you can play them countless times and every game will be different. Different locations or...

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