The Used Board Game Market

Chad DeShon

* Right now there are two used copies of On Tour for sale on the BGG market place.* In the last 3 months, 21 copies have sold on the market place at an average of $40.We charge $29 for new copy, but I think some of those used sales include some additional player maps (which are $3.79 each, new).Why am I looking at this?... what do I care?... I sell new games, not used ones.I am a little obsessed with the used price of On Tour because I want you to be able to sell it. If you buy it and don't like it, I want you to...

Board games that are quick to learn, quick to play, but pack a punch

Chad DeShon

Do you love 3+ hour games? Here's my top 6 board games.1. Napoleon's Triumph (4 hours, 30+ plays)2. Haggis (1 hour, 15+ plays)3. Age of Steam (2.5 hours, 100+ plays)4. Indonesia (2.5 hours, 15+ plays)5. Die Macher (3.5 hours, 15+ plays)6. Maria (4 hours, 30+ plays)But it is really great to be able to get abrain twisting,meaty gamein less than 45 min.Learning Napoleon's is difficult. The first two times you play, you are just moving pieces around and seeing what happens. You aren't "really playing" until at least your third play. By this time you've invested 8 hours. I am so glad I put in the effort to learn it,...

The whole and complete origin story of The Jasper

Chad DeShon

The Jasper started on Kickstarter on September 10, 2018. But we've been working on it a lot longer than that. Would you believe it started back in May 2017?Books, board games, tables, any product you can think of. If you ask the author/designer/producer, they are never finished. They are just released. You get to a point where you are happy with the product and you start selling it to people. But your mind never stops. You are always thinking of how to make it better. Then you start getting feedback from your early customers. And it fans your inner creative flame.You could say...

The Shoulders of Giants

Chad DeShon

Great bands get asked this all the time. "Who are your main influences?"The band gets to thank the people who helped them, shine a light on some lesser known acts that they like, and look cool by name dropping some small bands that you've "probably never heard of."It is also useful to the reader. If a band sounds interesting, you can get a good feel for their music based on their influences. If you like the influencers, then this new band might be worth listening to.With that pattern in mind, I'm going to share with you some games that influenced me...

A Very Good Card Game

Chad DeShon

This post isn't about tables. It is about a card game I have been playing a lot recently and think more people should know about.  Let me tell you about a game that I love and I don't think it is getting the attention it deserves.Capital LuxThis small package - just a deck of cards and some wooden tokens - punches above it's weight. It's a 10 for me (and I'm normally a pretty harsh critic).Capital Lux is a card game played over three rounds. Each round you will get 5 or 6 cards. Each turn you play a card to...

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